Best Blackjack Casinos
You can play the games you find on this site for real at WinPalace Casino and Betsson Casino.

The reason I like Betsson is because the games they have are very nice and will only time out if you stop playing for a while. Unfortunately, players from the US can't play for money.

WinPalace Casino is also very good when it comes to playing blackjack. They offer a special blackjack bonus that is a 100% bonus and worth up to $500. Use the bonus code: WINBJ at the Casino cashier before you make a deposit. You can redeem this bonus 10 times.

My other favorite place to play for fun is Golden Palace. They have flash casino that you can play for fun. Golden Palace has my favorite BJ game - Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Tournament
If you go to a Blackjacks casino in for example Las Vegas then try to compete in a Blackjack tournament.

You can find these tournaments online at 5dimes.

Some tournaments are won by posting the highest score in X number of hands, like 50 hands or so or after a certain amount of time. Others are elimination style tournaments where the lowest player at the table after a round is removed. Both are pretty fun and gaining in popularity.

Blackjack has been one of my favorite games for many years. One of the things that many people don't know about blackjack are all the different varieties of the game that they can play.

The version that most people are familiar with is the standard Vegas blackjack where the dealer hits until he gets hard 17 or higher. This is a great game to play, but if you haven't played any other version of blackjack you are missing out on some great games that may give you a greater understanding of the game at large.

Each flash blackjack game that you find here is easy to play and comes with instructions for those of you who might have questions about the objective and strategies of these different blackjack variants.

Go ahead and click on one of the six different blackjack flash games and try your luck on a new version of the casino game that you know and love. There is nothing to sign up for or download, just click and start playing blackjack online.

Good old blackjack just the way you remember it. Dealer hits on soft 17. Double down on any two cards. Split aces get one card each.

Pretty much the same game with a couple of rule changes. The dealer must stand on soft 17 and players can only double on 9, 10 or 11.

Blackjacks are called Pontoon in this game. Pontoons and 5 card hands win 2 to 1, but the dealer wins on all ties and both dealer cards are face down.

This game is also called Faces Up. Both dealer cards are flipped up. Blackjacks pay 1 to 1, the dealer wins all ties except for blackjacks and must stand on 17.

Coming Soon!

This is also called Spanish Blackjack. There are no 10's in the deck and the player always wins on 21. Double after you've already hit and surrender at any time.

Super Fun 21

Blackjacks pay even money and always wins for player. Double once or surrender at any time during the hand. 5 and 6 card 21 pay 2:1 and 6 card hands win.

Now of course these aren't the only blackjack games around. But these are probably the six most popular. A lot of blackjack games are very similar to Vegas and European blackjack. Some online casinos have "Surrender Blackjack" which implies their normal blackjack game does not allow surrendering.

One other game I would like to put up here but cannot is called Blackjack Switch. Blackjack switch is a really cool game offered at Playtech casinos only. In this game, you must place two bets for two separate hands. You then have the option to switch the last card for each hand. This game is very fun because you can set up lots of blackjacks and double downs by switching the two cards.

These are just a few of the different variations on the basic game of 21. You can find many more blackjack games then I can offer at some of the online blackjack casinos. Take a look at some of the good websites, but make sure that you know how to play very well before you bet on a specialty blackjack game.

Unfortunately, blackjack players from the United States are currently not allowed to place real bets at Playtech casinos. These casinos are only available for the European and UK blackjack players. However, if you would like to play blackjack switch for fun, you may do so by downloading a Playtech casino like Golden Palace.

Blackjack Tips

How to Play Blackjack

Why not to Count Cards Online

Know the Rules

Whenever you are about to play blackjack, it is important to know the slight variations in rules that casinos have. These rules will slightly change the strategies that you are playing.

Before you sit down to a table or play online, this is what you should know or ask if you don't:

Does the Dealer hit on soft 17?
This one is usually clearly marked on the table itself.

How many decks are in use?
There is a slight advantage to playing with 6 decks instead of 8. Any game with less then 6 decks will be clearly labeled.

When can you double down?
Some places allow you to double down whenever you want. Other times you can only double down when you receive a 9, 10 or 11 and some only allow you to double on 10 or 11

Can you surrender?
This is a popular move when the dealer shows a 10 and you have 16.

Here are some other questions to think about:

Are you allowed to double down after a split?

Does a blackjack pay 3 to 2?

Can you resplit cards and how many times?

Can you resplit your Aces?

Can you hit after you split Aces?